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Ace Of Apes is coming to the Ethereum Blockchain with a collection of 5222 unique NFTs, based on the traditional deck of cards!

When investing in our project, you’re not just investing in classy art. Our experienced team has a vision of developing extremely unique utility which adds value and purpose to each NFT. We are in it for the long term, looking to build our vision and connect with like-minded players in this vast space.

When buying a card, you really buy access to our advanced utility. Find out about all our innovative utility in our roadmap.

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We believe in fair possibilities for everyone to become a holder, but also want to credit our early supporters and active members. Whitelist spots can be redeemed through various methods, displayed in our discord server. 

The collection will be more exclusive than most others, featuring only 5222 NFTs.

Minting one of our cards is a simple and easy process. 

  1. Buy Eth from an exchange and transfer it to your metamask wallet.
  2. On mint day, simply connect your wallet to our website and mint up to 3 cards.
  3. Done, you are now an official holder and get access to all exclusive events, tournaments, etc. 

The official mint date is yet to be announced and will be revealed shortly before our launch. Keep up to date by checking out our discord.

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